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MEAT Industry

Innovatra's meat division supplies meat casings to the South African market.

Meat Casings

Produced in ISO 9001 quality standards, 5-layer polyamide casings are supplied in a range of base colours as well as printed in up to 5 colours, according to our client's individual requirements.

Meat casing are available in a range of widths and can be supplied in a choice of reel or shirred sticks.

Benefits of 5 Layer Polyamide Meat Casings

• Excellent barrier properties, to increase meat shelf life, reduce spoilage and increase yield during cooking with low weight loss after cooking.

• Exceptional strength to be able to be dipped, or stuffed tightly.

• Good adhesion to the meat product, eliminating any voids, thus enhancing the overall appearance of the product.

• Good shrinkability of 5% to 20. After cooking, the casing is wrinkle free upon emerging from the cooling step.

• Ability to cook the product in the casing reaching temperatures of 120 ? including sterilisation.

• Easy peelability of the casing from the meat product.

• Excellent resistance to solvents, fats and meat acids.


Meat Casings

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