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WINE Industry

Innovatra is a leading supplier of wine packaging options, in particular various options of the ever important wine closure. In addition, natural tartaric acid is a product with which we have many years of experience and strength.


The latest technology in wine closures, ZORK was developed in Australia and is fast being adopted by leading wine companies around the world.

Innovatra is the exclusive distributor of ZORK in South Africa.

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Wine Capsules

Manufactured in Europe, Innovatra helps winemakers cap off their wine with stunning shrink and roll on wine capsules. Available in stock colours as well as printed to specification, embossed and hot-foil stamped, as an Innovatra client you enjoy a choice of wine capsules:

PVC Shrink Wine Capsules
PET Shrink Wine Capsules
Polylaminate Wine Capsules

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Wine Chemicals

Produced in Italy, all tartaric acid supplied by Innovatra is natural and of wine product origin.b


Tin Capsules
PVC Wine Capsules
PET Wine Capsules
Champagne Hoods
Polylaminate Wine Capsules
Screw Caps
Tartaric Acid

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