It is fitting that we include a section dedicated to innovation and new technologies. Indeed, when the company was founded, the name Innovatra was a hybrid of Innovation and the family name of our founder. We have always been inspired by new technologies and equally aim to inspire new technologies.

Through various vehicles, we take an active interest in new technology and innovation. Whether it be assisting clients with R&D, through to our active investment in startups and early stage businesses, we are open and excited for the future.

Geographic Opportunities

Our geographic reach and network provides the opportunity for us to actively engage in the import and export of innovative technologies across global borders. In some cases this will be in the form of exclusive distribution/importer rights for certain territories through to relationships with manufacturers with economies of scale that would otherwise not be available in the destination market. We are always open to discussion with clients and supply partners.

My Security Ventures

Security Ventures has a focus on emerging security technology and seeking out market acceleration opportunities. The SV Framework and Strategy is based on supporting start-up and established business models by leveraging industry expertise and channel coverage.  The group is seeking to be disruptive to the security and technology media and analyst market across the Asia Pacific, as a key portal link to a global market place.

The mandate for Security Ventures is to engage in the following markets:

  • Cyber Security Technologies
  • Physical Security Technologies
  • IOT (Internet of Things) Security Technologies
  • Industrial Security Solutions

We have a significant shareholding in My Security Ventures with a number of other partners. For information specifically related to the security sector we invite you to visit My Security Ventures.