Tartaric Acid is an organic acid, the chemical formula of which may be dextrorotatory and/or levorotatory: in nature it is dextrorotatory only. Natural Tartaric Acid in its free form, or combined with potassium-calcium-magnesium, is present in many fruits, especially in grapes. It is an extremely versatile acid and it is utilised in a wide range of industries.

Produced in Italy, all tartaric acid supplied by Innovatra is natural and of wine product origin.

This is the main field in which it is used:

  • as an additive and natural preservative for jams, fruit juices, pickles, soft drinks, etc…
  • as an additive in emulsifying agents for bread-making
  • as effervescence for table waters
  • as a leavening agent in the preparation of desserts


Tartaric acid is employed in the production of various construction materials such as gypsum board and cement. It’s primary use is to act as a retarding agent in order delay setting during works.


It is used in the preparation of certain medicines (antibiotics, cardiotonics, etc…) and as an excipient (it is not metabolised by the human body).


It is used as a base compound in many natural body creams.


Tartaric acid is used to adjust the acidity of wine in order to enhance its pallet appeal. Tartaric acid is found naturally in grapes used in winemaking and the commercially derived tartaric acid (L+) is also originally derived from this source.

Quality Standard

Our tartaric acid meets the following quality specification:

Food Chemical Codex IV Japanese Pharmacopeia XII
British Pharmacopeia 93 U.S.P XXXIV
Ph Eur III NF 19.

Quality Certification

Innovatra’s tartaric acid meets the following quality standards:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • Kosher Certification
  • BRC Certification certifies that our Tartaric Acid can be used in the production of trademark products that can be sold in all the English Supermarkets.


25 kg paper/polyethylene bags and 500kg bags.

Particle Sizes Available
Coarse Granules Over 1000 microns max 5%
Under 500 microns max 5%
Standard Granular Over 800 microns max 5%
Under 300 microns max 5%
Fine Granular Over 500 microns max 5%
Under 200 microns max 5%
Very Fine Granular Over 300 microns max 5%
Under 150 microns max 5%
Powder Under 200 microns 100%

For more information please contact your local Innovatra office.

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