Innovatra South Africa is the exclusive distributor of the innovative ZORK closure for South Africa.

The ZORK closure is a market driven, technical solution to the wine industry’s greatest challenge: closing the bottle without spoiling the wine. ZORK incorporates the proven metal barrier technology of the screw cap into a patented device.

ZORK snaps on to standard CETIE cork-mouth finish bottles offering a simple yet compelling value proposition:

ZORK seals like a screw cap and pops like a cork!

ZORK offers the winemaker a competitively priced, quality-controlled consistent barrier to oxygen. Made from a durable, food-grade polymers, ZORK will not taint the wine or scalp its flavour.

ZORK has been designed for use on standard, high-speed filling lines, using modified screw cap equipment. ZORK is engineered to snap on to the neckband of standard cork-mouth bottles, in a positive, consistent application.

While the generic closure is available in black, ZORK is available in custom colours and proprietary designs with decorative printing.

ZORK is easily removed by hand; remove the tear tab to break the seal, pull out ZORK it pops like a cork when extracted and can be conveniently resealed after use.

Offering a market-driven solution unlike any other wine closure, ZORK seals the bottle while preserving the integrity of the wine, the quality image of the brand and the sense of celebration associated with opening a bottle of wine.

No corkscrew. No crumbling. No cork taint. No worries.

Benefits of ZORK include:


• Preserves the wine
• Robust to handle


• Creates market differentiation
• Retains the look & feel of wine


• Easy to open
• Convenient reseal

For more information please contact your local Innovatra Office

More technical information is also available at www.zork.com.au